Saturday, June 6, 2009

Embroidered organza

Very beautiful and fine. Machine made. 3 euros per 1/2 meter

SOLD - Broderie anglaise

Very pretty brodery anglaise, of a soft beige colour. 3 euros for 1/2 meter

Machine made lace

Very elegant and fine. 4 Euros for 1/2 meter

(NB. This lace would be too rigid for garments, should be used for courtains.)

Small piece of embroidered tule

This is another small piece (30 cms), of fine embroidered tule. 4 euros

Small piece of broderie

This very small piece of cotton has been hand embroidered with a very intricate design. 3 euros

SOLD - Hand embroidered lawn

This very fine piece of lawn cotton has been hand embroidered. 4 Euros

3 tule collars

These antique tule collars are extremly fine and soft. Can be used for undergarments.

Larger valenciennes lace

This is very fine antique valenciennes lace, about 4 cms large. Perfect for courtains! (2 euros per meter)

Embroidered organza flounce

This flounce is hand embroidered and finished at the edges with the finest lace. 5 Euro

Antique lace collar

This antique lace collar is in perfect condition, and should be framed. 12 euros

Monday, June 1, 2009

SOLD - Lace hanky

The lace of this hanky is not handmade, but it is hand sewn into the finnest cotton. (4 euro)

Half a baptist doylie

I believe this is a cut of an antique doylie. It is made of very fine baptist yellowed by time, and finished with handmade lace. It can be used for a skirt or underskirt. (4 euro)

Bobbin lace square

This little square, handmade of the finest linen tread would be perfect for a small bed cover. (4 euro)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Smaller laces

These are the laces no dollmaker can be without. Tiny valenciennes lace, very fine and trully antique!

(2 euros per meter)

Lace, lace and more lace!!!!

This weekend, I have been to France to visit some dear friends and to buy some lace, to take to the Paris dollshouse show S.I.M.P.
I have spent hours and hours admiring every little piece, admiring the work(wo)manship and wondering at the several hours necessary to complete things so tiny.

I love to iron each piece carefully. Usually, I prefere not to wash the pieces and leave it as the french say "dans sons jus", but sometimes even I have to admit it is a bit too much jus...

But no task is too daunting when you have such moral support, pipping from a huge (and much delayed...) pile of laundry...

Irish crochet lace

These two collars, hand made with the finest irish crochet lace might be too big for your dolls... But just perfect for that old white cardigan of yours, with some antique glass buttons ans a tiny silk ribbon at the neck... (3 euro each)

For a baby gown

Here I am, back from the Tom Bishop dollhouse fair, at Madrid!

I am quite excited about the success my lace is making at dollhouse fairs. I love seeing people going trough my treasures, see the glint in their eyes when they found that special piece they were looking for, and the way they talk about their tiny houses and dolls.

At the fair, someone asked me for a piece of lace for a baby's christening gown. Here are two ideas:

Tule Lace, 0,75 x 9 cms (7 Euro)

SOLD - Valenciennes lace, 120 x 14 cms (10 Euro)