Sunday, May 31, 2009

For a baby gown

Here I am, back from the Tom Bishop dollhouse fair, at Madrid!

I am quite excited about the success my lace is making at dollhouse fairs. I love seeing people going trough my treasures, see the glint in their eyes when they found that special piece they were looking for, and the way they talk about their tiny houses and dolls.

At the fair, someone asked me for a piece of lace for a baby's christening gown. Here are two ideas:

Tule Lace, 0,75 x 9 cms (7 Euro)

SOLD - Valenciennes lace, 120 x 14 cms (10 Euro)

1 comment:

  1. As tuas rendas Nanico são sempre uma maravilha.
    Estou interessada nesta última.
    Penso que aqui será o sítio destinado a esta conversa.
    Se esta rendinha estiver disponível, reserva-ma. por favor.